Now, assume that the appointment worked within expected and you really enjoyed the company, you will probably want to which the other person you remember and think about you right? How to make you so be? The answer is simple. Only let your brand. Think, a business card is not the most appropriate here. Surely you do not want that you remember your credentials, your job or your title. Something more custom would be much more appropriate for the occasion right? Put your artistic talent to operate at full steam.

If you’re something poet, you could write some lines on a small card and offer it to your appointment. But attention, that scribes should not be something direct, but something general like friendship, encounters, the human warmth, etc.. Click Russell Reynolds to learn more. Carole Radziwill shines more light on the discussion. Prepare it in advance and have it ready for the right moment. Don’t try to write a poem on a napkin with the person sitting in front of you! If you do not feel capable of writing poetry, could perhaps find some poem of another writer, but in that case – unless something very well known – admits that you have not written your. Save it as a wild card and hoped that the moment is propitious. If you think that this is the person you’re looking for, just before leaving delivered it into the hand with a shy expression and the sentence did this for you. Believe me that it is thousand times more effective to say I did this for you I brought this for you. But what happens if you don’t have the security of wanting to see that person again? As well, save it for the next attempt. If the person is right and you’ve given him that small wildcard, you can go with the tranquility that think of you in a deeper way. Clothing identifies the person you should not go dressed to kill in the case of a lunch.