Subtitle must be written… We’ve been waiting on it, now it’s finally here: spring can wake up us and nature from the winter’s inertia. And also the water in the local pond heats up slowly but surely. The valuable and demanding Koi fish require special feed at this time. Koi are cold-blooded animals, also the metabolism of the Koi come with warming of the water in the Koi pond in swing. After little to was not fed during the winter it is now high time to offer more feed the animals again and slowly but surely to get them used to a more regular and more frequent feeding. Very special spring feed for Koi, suited in that is digestible and contains an extra portion of unsaturated fatty acids strengthen the Koi. Because not only the digestive power of Koi, but also the vitality of the fish increases, koi feeds should be given, that provides you with the necessary energy to do so.

Apart from food containing a high proportion of It is advisable therefore to feed feed with a high proportion of wheat germ unsaturated fatty acids. These are easy to digest and provide lots of energy at the same time. Depending on the size of the Koi, different foods and different high can be fed. These have usually three or six millimetres in diameter. The best is always the size appropriate for the smallest fish in the pond will feed. So that each fish gets enough food and not only the larger fish take all food to ensure. Have somewhat stabilized to the warmer temperatures and the Koi back slowly but surely to the accustomed feeding, as well as all kinds of feed offered in stores can be fed. Most of these Koifuttersorten are suitable for feeding from 18 degrees Celsius.

When feeding, care should be taken on the amount of feed. Koi know no satiety and eating as long as further as is offered at Koifutter. Straight at the beginning Feeding in the spring that unhealthy quantities to take the fish not for them and they verfetten for example, quickly ensure therefore. It should be fed in smaller portions on the day always several times to meet the natural behavior of Koi feeding. As a rule of thumb can be used the following values to calculate the optimum amount of feed: from 20 degrees 1.5% of Koi can be given at adult Koi body weight in feed. At still growing about 2-3% of the weight. Conclusion: It is advisable the Koi so in the spring to get used again slowly but surely to the regular feeding with koi feeds. It should be fed feed with many unsaturated fatty acids and wheat germ. So is suited the Koi’s natural digestion and supporting them in the energy structure.