Number of people who have more than one apartment, a lot. To broaden your perception, visit patrick dwyer. Of course, additional space is rented, and the report documents no draws, and on taxes and did not remember. A few years ago Federal Tax Service has been notified that their main task, it puts the collection of tax from the income of people who give living space to rent and do not wish to share with the state. The scale of uncollected funds estimated at several hundred million dollars. Tax statements to the passport offices, district and the Federal Registration Service does not yield significant results. For even more opinions, read materials from patrick dwyer. Tax services, though not very noticeable, but Annual, up to thirty of April, through the media warning people about the inevitable punishment that will result if not filed income tax return and not paid taxes at a rate of thirteen per cent of the amount income.

If the last three years exceeds the amount of unpaid taxes Hundred thousand rubles, violators will be prosecuted. Who else should be wary of actions punishable by tax bodies? Actually, all persons who lease the property can be divided into 3 categories. The first and the smallest category includes people who for whatever reason are unable to work and give to rent their own housing. In this case, they either live with relatives, or remove a low-cost housing. The second category includes people with low incomes and pensioners, and for those people renting apartments represents another source of survival. The third category is made up of people who deliberately buys an apartment with a view to their subsequent lease. People in this category, the most studious, and some of them have made the change Apartments in this business.