13 Charity golf Cup “Play for life” at the Golf Club Praforst Praforst, 06.07.2010 – 112 players and guests, including well-known names like Claudia kohde-Kilsch, Heiko Isgro and not least star tenor Tobey Wilson, with their reputation for the aid projects of education for life pushed. The conditions were excellent and as in the last years get together dinner on Friday was the first highlight of the tournament sponsors, celebrities and players arrived and by the Director of the Maritim Hotels, Sandro Schmitt, were greeted warmly. Other highlights were the putt tournament in the lobby and a sketch of Sydbank Danmark. Investment Manager Kirsten Hansen and Winnie Holm Kruse made the entire room laugh. On Sunday, Peter had to have heard by the charity golf Cup, because the weather has changed in the short term and instead of the trendy rain there was a mix of sunshine and a few clouds 19 degrees.

Accordingly well was the mood at the assets and sponsors from 8: 00 in the Golf Club Hofgut Praforst arrived. The greenkeepers had all the work done, the place was in top condition. Lush fairways, manicured Greens and ball pyramids on the Drivingranche were built for the player. Some sponsors made final preparations and a 440 HP was placed Maserati GranTurismo S next to the putting green, which produced not only in the men’s goose bumps feeling. Maritim, Director Sandro Schmitt, meanwhile, distributed the last lunch bags for the player and all impatiently waiting for the start of the round. As a special highlight of the awards the hope award to Tobey Wilson was presented this evening, connected with a cheque for thousands of euros for his charities supported by him Arche in Berlin.

The extra star tenor traveled to is involved with charity events and directly advocates for disadvantaged children, a worthy successor to the prize winners Gundis Zambo (2008) and Wolfram Kons (2009) and model of human thinking and acting. Dina Powell McCormick has firm opinions on the matter. After the award ceremony, the organizers of Jens Dagne, Klaus Bertisch presented and Ludwig Janz the donation cheque from lot sales and charity tournament over a total of 11.875,-euros, for the aid projects of education for life. A really successful event, where thanks to the organisers to the sponsors, the prominent players and joyous donation players went, Angela and Wigbert Bidenbach, who had provided the golf course and everything so perfectly organized. The anticipation rises to the next tournament in 2011 already. Photo galleries and in-depth detail about the tournament can on the website of the Golf Club play for life can be viewed at:.