Read the mail from the phone is one increasingly popular trend. Here I give you some tips based on my experience using the phone as a portable email inbox. Recently patrick dwyer merrill lynch sought to clarify these questions. Since the appearance of the first Blackberry back in 199x the use of cellphones to read e-mails has become a daily occurrence for many people. Definitely read the mails from anywhere has many advantages, you can respond to your boss from a queue, sending reports in the waiting room for the grill or balancing family Sunday. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If you’re considering reading mail from the phone or you’re already doing, it is recommended you take into account these tips: Protect yourself from Spam: Unsolicited e-mail can flood in the computer and still can catch legitimate email. In the phone screen, this task is daunting, and you should seriously consider any service that blocks emails. Another strategy is to have separate mail accounts and not give your mobile email address to many people. I think this particular strategy does not work for more than two minutes and undermines the nature of e, in the end that serves an email if you can not give it to anyone.

So it’s best to solve the problem of SPAM using software that filter. Currently free email providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail) are pretty good to avoid. E vita the limbo of the box: If you have to read / write mails on my cell phone and computer, choose a site that is the primary (where all emails are stored) and a secondary (where only receive the new ones). This advice applies to anyone who does not have a Blackberry connected to your corporate email. If you do the selection of primary and secondary, you could end up deleting emails from a site and definitively lost in the limbo of synchronization. Learn to work offline: When you’re in the cheapest cell is read and write emails offline, then connect to send and receive all at once. Better with little letters: If you do e-intensive you must choose your mobile phone comes with one per letter (known as QWERTY). If not already used, I’ll thank full the council. Trying to write an email with keyboards that try to guess your writing is a nightmare. It is smarter than the phone having to press a button to write several letters is always slower than writing with a single key. Believe me, if you can pick up the phone, choose one with a single letter per key.