Lately normally have videos of customers with their testimonies and put them available to Salesforce through portals on the Internet. Presentations and demonstrations custom used to reinforce the message of the capabilities and benefits of your solution. This involves performing a pre-work of design models of presentations, templates, videos, etc., that must be customized for each case. There are many alternative technologies to both highly professional presentations and demonstrations of products and services in a very striking way. Budgets and complexity of solutions are the determinating variables to define which can be done here. Possibility of testing or pilot assemblies or some mechanism that enable potential customers to test your solution. For this it is necessary to design the mechanisms that allow doing this in a short time and minimizing any risk.

Be very careful with this kind of tool since if you don’t plan well, it can be counterproductive to their sales targets. It is necessary to design this tool in your arsenal with its services, engineering or technical area or support group to ensure that it is a tool that It can be used and will benefit the business process. Visits to references or clients that make use of your solution and can demonstrate concrete benefits. Paraesto keep a detailed list of customers who accept visits, its characteristics and history with your organization and information that allows you to conduct an effective visit. Note a form previously designed to solicit your prospect information visit to perform (date, duration, purpose of visit, people who will make the visit, topics to be treated, etc.). Very well plan the visit and possible organize everything previously with your customer sharing with all the relevant information to conduct the visit properly. Visit its installations and facilities. One of the themes that you must work for the sale of complex solutions or high involvement is to show your prospect or customer that your organization has the capacity to provide a service and solid support.

To do this, you must carry your prospect to a guided his company’s facilities in which It can show you all the elements that have to provide support and safety in their investment. This requires a properly defined process to perform this type of visits and achieve the attention of the rest of the staff of the Organization support this type of activity, should not be something improvised. Use of external material developed by third parties. Keep a file or folder in which store all the news published in the media that position very well your solution. To the extent that the company make a good work with the media and developing what is known as a Free Press, you can count on material extracted from magazines, books, Internet, conferences, etc., that will support its work. Make use of this material to the extent that you wish to reinforce certain points of its strategy and to neutralize objections which the purchaser may have. There may be many more tools that support this phase, these are just an example to illustrate the topic. The important thing is that you have clear their weapons, have them well defined and you can make use of them in a manner Agile and productively. For more information about this topic, or issues please contact us at or visit