Forklift: serve us all types of pallets. Traspaleta: Do not use Stacker reversible models: pallets open at the bottom with three skates it is recommended. Crane: Enclosed or reversible pallets give more security, but serve all models. Further details can be found at Richard Plackett, an internet resource. 4 Where going it to fit? Shipping container: a shipping container measures tend to be 2.35 wide Interior. For this reason are often used pallets of 110 110 or 115 115. Source: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Shelves: On the shelves weight is highly concentrated in a few points of the pallet, so it is better to use pallets, very strong type 80 120 Eur. Trucks: Trucks most have a measure of 2.45 to 2.50 inside, this allows the use of pallets of 80 100 120 or 120 linear of supermarket: supermarkets often use 80 120 and 80 60 5.-how select the best measure? Standard socks: If the merchandise can be put into a standard pallet we will save a lot of money, the most common means are: 80 120, 80 60, 80 100, 100 120, 110 110, 115 115, 120 120, 110 130.

Special measures: If our product does not fit on a standard pallet, we have the option of calling a pallet echo to measure, and even use packaging to improve protection. 6. What type of material is best for the pallet? Recycled or used in wood: this type of pallet is much more economical and whenever possible have to use it, because we will not only save money, will also help the environment. New wood: it is more expensive than the recycled pallet but gives us the option to customize it and are much more standardized. Treated pallets: both the recycled and new wood can be heat treated to make them acts for export to countries such as China, USA, Canada; Mexico, chipboard etc: also comply with the phytosanitary export regulations even though they are made of wood, because their process of manufacturing at high temperatures. Plastic: Usually used for export because they do not require heat treatment not to be of wood, are also used in the food industry for reasons of health. We can also find this type of used pallets. Metal: They are extremely resistant pallets for large loads and its use are usually internal since they can last for many years.