Eligibility requirements must be justified before determining the cost of damage is necessary to separate marketing analysis: determine the cost of necessary materials (wallpaper, hollow, paint, gesso, etc.), it can be done by contacting several construction stores, to determine the cost of applying to several construction companies that provide repair services for apartments. The price should also be included delivery costs of construction materials for the export of debris (usually hired for debris removal machine). It should be remembered that the objective determination of the cost of repair should be guided by the average prices and take into account the remoteness of repair in a flooded apartment. Culprit flooding refuses to voluntarily compensate damages caused by flooding or disagree with the size of the damage. In this situation, the victim must bring specialized expertise in the organization to determine the amount of damage caused by flooding. Attracted to assess damage to the organization must have a license for employment related activities. Then it is necessary to go to court with a claim enclosing all the evidence confirming the existence of guilt and flooding a particular person (pictures, videos, certificate of inspection facilities on the fact flooding), and the conclusion of an expert organization. As noted above, especially in cases of judicial proceedings, the victims themselves, without professional legal assistance is very rarely defend their law and those responsible, relying solely on themselves, is also often find themselves in difficult situations. In this connection is highly recommended to contact the law firm of Almaty. It should be remembered that the cost of services expert organization and a representative (lawyer) is included in court costs and be recovered from the guilty party.