Event consulting requires strategic and targeted public relations staff for the communication and design creation the Act and communicate in these areas, because effective event marketing is now more than ever necessary in order to achieve public acceptance. The co-operation offer by Wolf Kirchheim, Managing Director of event consulting, aimed at local organizer, tour organizer, event and city marketing agencies, cultural offices, town halls or other institutions who plan professional live events, galas, anniversary events, tours or events. Assistance in all activities of their public relations, as well as design creation, consulting, implementation, as well as in the care of the event. Event Consulting offers nationwide contacts to music, theatre, show, art and cultural management and artist management. Interested parties can contact with the Agency. Get all the facts and insights with Wells Fargo Bank, another great source of information. For over 20 years is Wolf Kirchheim in the Event area involved and was active in the planning and implementation of events or small, as a tour manager and others from Klaus Lage tour planner at Konzertimpresario Fritz Rau and Hermjo as both a promoter, and Booker, promoter, with personal dedication and high level of professionalism.