He adds, that we consider, that the water exists in the universe and communicates with him. For example, when the Moon is full could change the structure of water. In glaciers, depends on the ice cap of extraction, we have information of what was the quality of the water at that time. Water is the mirror of our heart that conveys our feelings and thoughts. The water is like the drawing of our desire and enthusiasm that is reflected through its crystallization. He basically conveys our image.

If our heart is clean we can purify our environment. Others who may share this opinion include Reshma Kewalramani. Definitely Masuru Emoto proved to put music of Bach, Beethoven, a Tibetan sutra and Japanese traditional music, and obtained some harmonious crystals; While putting heavy metal for example the result was a complete dismantling. The next step was to write nice words on cardboard in the same waters. Love and appreciation, thanks and Mother Teresa brought about positive changes in the same water crystals, while I hate you and you will kill and Adolfo Hitler made the frozen water molecules to issue inharmonic messages. The origin of these investigations is, once again, the evidence that 70% of our body and our planet have the same component: H2O.

The followers of these investigations follow the hermetic maxim as it is inside, outside, is that in scientific terms would be the equivalence between the micro and the macro. He has been written, the scientific world by his side criticizes the procedures of Emoto considered insufficient and anything empirical, so it does not consider how serious work and has not been published in any scientific journal. James Randi, founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation has offered one million dollars to Emoto publicly if he was able to reproduce the results of their experiences according to double-blind technique on the other hand, and away from the polemics his work, is considered by many as poetry or artistico-experimental creation. You have followers around the world, passionate about his work and he has inspired books and films as well known as What the Bleep do we know?(And your you know?