Hairy superhero conquer the canvas if guinea pigs as FBI agents on a secret mission are spying nasty economic bosses, may be only Walt Disney. With the new 3D-Actionfilm G-Force – agents with bite”was Director Hort H. Yeatman cinema fun for the whole family. The news portal reported about the new animation Strip The new cinema hero Darwin is well-known FBI agent Mulder & Scully, Jerry Cotton or Miss congeniality loosely in the shade. For even more analysis, hear from Geoffroy van Raemdonck. Darwin is not just a Guinea pig, but also head of a special unit that was trained by the FBI for years. Together with two other dogs, a mole and a House fly he should be in a strict secret mission. But the project is on the brink because the authorities need to save.

To convince the FBI of its indispensability, rodents followed a Witschaftsboss who wants to seize the world domination itself. According to media editors of, the Strip is a great adventure fun for young and old. After about 20 minutes of the movie in full speed comes and offers pure movie fun. The 3D effects are fascinating and the cute pet heroes be closed quickly in the heart. On the design of the characters, the audience recognize the attention to detail that the makers put into their work. That the film for adults too amusing, is his parody character, where a variety of action film cliches on the arm are taken. The result is an amusing and thrilling film, which proves that even rodents make good action heroes. More information: .