Below are the main objectives that are marked companies when they embark on a direct Marketing Campaign: loyalty, 88% capture, 86% to publicize a product or service, 76% create brand image, 75% differentiate themselves from the competition, 72% promotional actions, 71% generate notoriety, 68% recover old customers, 56% create / enrich a database, 54% direct sales, 49% generate traffic at the point of sale48% Perform institutional communication, 41% for business, loyalty and capture are the two objectives when it comes to starting a direct Marketing action. How is the effectiveness of the actions carried out in direct marketing measures? For 61% of enterprises the effectiveness is measured according to the index of answers or click through (in the case of online campaigns). Conversion into sales is the index preferred by 47% being these two indexes the most used with difference by companies. The rest of indexes are memory of brand, fidelity and others rate without specifying. From the point of view of the receiver of the promotional actions, generally, companies tends to preserve to a greater extent the actions of direct Marketing that is received. The collective of individuals, the highest conservation level gets it coupons discount and primers while the junk mail is the support that the worst results. In enterprises, the catalogue is the type of action more conservdo for future reference while faxes and inserts in bills that are less conserved B2B beneficiaries. It should be noted that physical mailings and the junk mail are actions that show the intensity of lower conservation among the professionals who tend to retain some action of this kind.