It covers the chickens with the gravy. Others who may share this opinion include Richard Plackett. Income: 10 people. CONCLUSION the gastronomia is one of the arts that are part of the antiquity. It is indispensable in the formation of the culture of a people. The development of the culinria and raw material preparation (foods) involves all the directions, becoming them more refined, therefore the palate, one of the main involved directions more wants each time to feel and to appreciate the flavor of foods.

He is significant to be part of the prescription construction new and to join diverse information on the regional traditions, bringing in one same scene classic culinria and the popular one. During the research I developed the plate ‘ ‘ Chicken with pur of mandioca’ ‘ that it added the possibility to participate actively of the construction of the Brazilian culinria. The art to cook decorates the tables of the different Brazilian regions and with certainty it leads I in general obtain an excellent movement in the tourism area and market. This research influenced me for a new vision of regional culinria local culture and making with that it has a bigger stimulaton, greater value and possibility in some way to be able to contribute and to acquire knowledge through new searches and research. The population also is benefited with bigger information and respect for its culture and regionalidade. I want to contribute for this reality that is the feeding and the importance of it for the people. With all certainty, since the high culinria until the simple preparos they must be respected, and to have its due value, therefore everything that we are and we make he is on to the feeding since the day that we are born and is a process of transformation that year happens after year, therefore, feeding are directly on to the word survival. In countries where it has food scarcity and conditions of life sub-human beings, he is high the index of mortality and diverse illnesses.

This makes to see us how much our feeding is important, such which the sources of supplying, agriculture and substances cousins. The preservation of the Environment also is priority. It is question of life in the gift and the posterior generations, so that the same ones have healthful foods and quality of life.