In 1927 he founded the Venezuelan Baseball Federation, which organized the same year the first official championship, with the participation of teams, “San Martin”, “Royal Criollos”, “Santa Marta” and “Maracay”. From next championship is beginning what would become the most remarkable baseball rivalry of Venezuela, following passion produced by the Royal Criollos and Magellan teams, both teams Caracas, which has continued after the creation of the Professional League de Beisbol de Venezuela, oscillating between Magellan and the Royal Criollos successors, first the Cerveceria Caracas and then with the Leones del Caracas. Already in 1931, when Gonzalo Gomez, son of President Juan Vicente Gomez, I think the team, “Concordia”, brought remarkable pitcher Martin Dihigo, could enjoy the taste of international star players. In 1932 Dihigo won six victories in the league, without being defeated.