In the Christmas time the consumption of cash register rolls rise in the shops. Creating a stock of the Christmas stands before the door create stockpile of cash register rolls of autumn has arrived in our country with timpani and trumpets. The leaves fall from the trees, in the morning, the cars are already be froze. The days are shorter and the nights get longer. The autumn storm raging already. Educate yourself with thoughts from Carrie Levin chef. In the Department stores and grocery stores to preparing with overdrive on the holiday shopping season. Christmas biscuits, Domino stones and marzipan are long on the shelves.

So the Department stores and shops in the cashier are well prepared, we support our customers would ask in time to store cash register rolls. We have made the experience by the cash register rolls-discount Bonro in recent years that the amount of consumed cash register rolls at Christmas time is significantly higher than all other times in the year as a whole. Christmas their loved ones would just all make nice gifts. We take that as a Bonro-team for the occasion our customers, fair low prices to offer. For large quantities, just call us and ask about heavenly prizes. We would like to ask the customers who buy the rolls still in the competition, to get in touch with us.

We will try to keep these prices or even better yet, to suppress those prices. We are the number one in the area of cash register rolls”. The quality of the roles is unbeatable. The product comes from German production. Shipping within Germany is free of charge. No matter what quantities the customer ordered. The shipping takes only one day. Our motto is, order today and tomorrow at the customer. And if some times does not fit, no problem, we can pick up the goods. Without grumbling or growling. Celebrate Christmas with us, we look forward to you. For all questions, we serve customers with qualified consultants open to the side.