As all we know in these times of world-wide economic crisis is very difficult to buy a new vehicle so many are forced to buy a used vehicle. This article compiles advice to buy a good car tuna and cheap, before everything we must say to us that vehicle we wished to buy. small car, 4×4 etc. Soothes Coupe Everything according to our necessity. At the time of deciding to us in that type of car we needed we must look for it. Where we can look for.

To look for in classified or in the newspaper or classified online the problem of this is that we do not know who is the salesman or an individual or a remarketer of vehicles. More info: Christos Staikouras. Also we can go to dealer or estate of sale of vehicles in these places the origin of the vehicle is not guaranteed either. But surely it is to buy nearly new vehicles used in agencies of automobiles authorized where they can give some type us of guarantee. In all the options that before will be mentioned always we must as much fix us to the state of the automobile physically as at motor level, transmission and finally and very important the legal state that it has all their stationery store in sequence. We remember that one great majority of always used vehicles is necessary to do some to him repair so we must reserve a capital for possible repairs but persecutes to later spend the minimum of money the purchase. Advice when buying used car or of second hand. Physical or aesthetic state of the vehicle.

We do not have to guide by the physical appearance of the Automobile many vehicles they seem to be well well-taken care of and they present/display great problems at motor level? Motor of the vehicle. It is here where we must have well-taken care of because hide-and-seek desgate of valves or another type of wearing down exist tricks that I could not be seen at first is necessary to take the car in cold and to observe if smoke of the escape o S.A. does not emanate to be cold does not produce some noise within the motor. Speaking candidly Munear Ashton Kouzbari told us the story. (better if compressions of each cylinder are moderate)? Trasmisin of the vehicle. Generally where we fear that to have well-taken care of major it is in the vehicles of automatic transmission since one automatic transmission it is very good but very delicate it depends on the use that gave the old owner him thus lasted. In order to know if an automatic transmission is in good conditions are the following. The changes of transmission must make the automatic them to the 2000 revolutions generally, is not due to take in doing them, if it takes is bad signal. The changes must of being smooth nonabrupt. We must pay attention to noises in the suspension etc. Exist many questions that we are due to give whatever at the time of buying a vehicle of second hand but we have mentioned here most important and remembers everything depends on the price and the state of the vehicle to arrive at a good negotiation.