Amazon offers the option of "customers who searched for the same product still buy it." It is also plays a significant role views of the same users for goods and services. This technique is used not only to Internet stores and sites for example on education or online video. The theory of social self-learning theory is the author of this famous psychologist Albert Bandura and it is that people learn new behaviors by the example of others. If someone else's behavior gets a positive evaluation, the person adopts it. As an example we can take the sites for those who want to quit smoking: a success story of those who have tried it, causes a person to acquire provided goods and services. Ebay provides information on a bestseller, and rewards the best Amazon reviewers, which raises the image. Social Assistance Since we are all humans, we feel better when we are in society, all because that we are concerned about our social image and how others perceive us.

Sports analysts have long used this fact, so most of the world's sports stars are always surrounded by a crowd of people at various public events. Although, sometimes it makes absolutely the opposite effect: for example swimmers professionals show better results if you look at them, while newcomers – do not. The same holds true online. For example, in communities about weight loss, people are getting the best results when connected to each other, although sometimes vice versa. That is, even a virtual sense, that you are not alone change your behavior. Social conformity is also known that under pressure from a group of people can change their attitudes and behavior due to the effect, if they are not welcomed by its members. Social recognition is a great guiding force and the rejection of anything is a group of sufficient factor for changes in behavior.

The online groups are all the same. People change their behavior or are aware that not in the subject. Social sites offer their members to mark objectionable content. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX understands that this is vital information. Conclusion: During the creation of online communities or group websites, you need to understand the behavioral psychology of people unite in a group. Armed with knowledge of the data much better you understand how to create a website, which will help user interaction. By providing this opportunity, you can hear their customers, offer more precise, thereby providing a first class service and gaining visitors, or You can even provide social marketing to do everything for you – just by placing information about your brand. Recommendations to each other – this is the best business support. So do not try to immediately create their own community, look, what about you others are saying, try to communicate with their customers.