Myths about nail Myth 1: Under the synthetic material (acrylic, gel) nail 'choking'. Fact: The nail – this is not a separate part of the human body. See more detailed opinions by reading what patricks purpose offers on the topic.. He gets the nutrients needed through the capillaries, which is under the nail bed. Every professional artist knows how to be applied artificial material, it does not damage your health. Myth 2: Acrylic technology – is more harmful than the gel. Fact: The authors of this myth – non-professional masters, who have only gel nail technology.

In some places they even claim that in his time building up acrylic (through its harm to health) has been banned in Germanii.Hotya actually acrylic and gel have the same chemical origin. MYTH 3: The UV lamp arm can tan, but if you keep it at chest level – it can cause cancer. Fact: Ultraviolet used in these tubes, differs from the rays of the sun and sun deck on its prirode.A means it does not prejudge the tan is absolutely safe for human health. Myth 4: Artificial materials cause allergies. Patrick dwyer merrill newedge has many thoughts on the issue. Fact: In a inexperienced often complain wizard. Should follow strict rules: for trimming nails to wear a protective mask, and preferably gloves built into the desktop exhaust system. This protects the mucous membranes and skin of small particles felled nails.

After they are the cause of allergic reactions. There is a humorous statement: "The nails and hair person needs to have regular, but light exercise." However, some girls mistakenly believe that their 'Artificial' manicure reduce these concerns by half. Thus, the artificial nails nail keeps better, they are 10 times stronger than natural. But the special care they require all the same. Rule Five 'must': Homework perform in rubber gloves. Moisturize, soften and nourish the cuticle (the means to advise your master). To make timely adjustments (every 3-4 weeks). ic. Avoid sudden temperature changes. Regularly cleaned with soap and nail brush.