Robust software package for the interaction with SAP solutions on common business applications Bremerhaven, Frankfurt: Winshuttle today unveiled the Winshuttle STUDIO suite on the SAPPHIRE NOW in Frankfurt. Winshuttle STUDIO allows non-technical users working with SAP applications directly from Microsoft Excel, PDF, and HTML Forms. Through the interaction with any SAP applications via familiar interfaces and automating complex business processes without any programming, Winshuttle customers save time and money. The Winshuttle STUDIO suite is an integrated suite of four applications Winshuttle transaction, Winshuttle QUERY, Winshuttle FORMS and Winshuttle DIRECT. All support business and IT users in the creation of solutions for SAP-based business processes.

STUDIO allows companies and departments forms (Excel, PDF, Web, InfoPath), which then are users for input and modification of SAP data available. About also supports batch processes, such as the creation or modification of mass records in SAP solutions. In addition, users of Studio of transaction-based recording in SAP can implement also scripts, the the BAPI (business application programming interface) programming interface by SAP use. An important goal is to make dealing with ERP solutions for customers more convenient for many organizations”, as Thomas Otter, Research Director at Gartner. Solutions that provide added value for spreadsheets, PDF, and HTML forms, provide for the use of simpler, better data quality and more flexibility. Here to make the right choice for such a program, organizations should prefer those providers who possess in-depth knowledge of ERP tools on the back end as well as the user tools on the front end. There are powerful solutions that facilitate data conversion and bulk update and also one comfortable transactions such as for the input allow sales orders or the management of employee salaries. Experience has shown that users are engaged and adept, if they work with tools that are familiar to them, and for many the Excel spreadsheets are.” With Winshuttle FORMS as an innovation in Winshuttle product line and component of the STUDIO business users of PDF and HTML forms can create that can be inserted himself as a front end for SAP processes.