To date, no visible methodology for cadastral value: from what parameters it will develop and how it reflects the market. If you take the Moscow market, it actually stated in the agreement a transaction price in the range of 1 million rubles in order to avoid additional taxation. Then what kind of market can be discussed and possible discuss the cadastral value, if such a market has not yet formed? 'It is incorrect not to determine the land value, and the difficulties of determining market value. The problem is that we have no reliable information in order to calculate the fair market value. A cadastral value – this is not a subspecies of the market, although if you read literally, it turns out well. Cadastral value – it is really the estimated cost, although so you can not write the law. Approximate, because it may be fine if we were to conduct an individual assessment of the object, but we do mass valuation ', answered the question A.

Galuska. Without going into detail to much discussion the question of equivalence of the definitions of land and market valuation, which in future may be, will provide a good income to some lawyers legal practice, still need to think what social consequences for companies such as OAO RZD 'will, if cadastral valuation will become a market economy. In addition, the evaluators will draw more infastruktura other infrastructure changes, so it is not clear how the cadastral engineers work built, BTI. Occurs and a range of issues in connection with the financing procedures.