I think this post could be very useful for those wanting to get one of the famous’ mortgage credits “that the Argentine government Bakery launched these days. In this article, we found we iprofesional.com and details all the requirements needed to access one into this new plan of government. At the end of the article we will make a brief conclusion and if you like me like to comment on its position. Mortgage Bank officials added that servers after the first day of validity of the loans released by the Government and the entity ANSES, collapsed both the website and the 0810, because it received more than 50,000 views of stakeholders and was 600 phone calls per hour. The consultations were conducted either in person were minor. The doors of the headquarters of the Banco Hipotecario, in Reconquista 101, had over 200 people waiting at 10 am, when the institution opened its doors recently. At 15, already had served more than 1,000 people, that the end of the day came to 10,000 among those in the entire country. As staff to the public did not supply, joined the management level employees, which enabled the Boards of deed to give briefings to groups of 15 persons. Starting today, the conditions to access the new option to purchase unique and housing are available and solved the problems. a Governor of REBNY