Seasonal aspects (eg busy holidays / slow summers), special occasions, private parties, etc. must be figured into the calendar. Any outside activity that may affect the business in the restaurant, such as food festivals, parades, etc must be taken into account. If there are separate dining rooms, the busy times should be duly provided for each room, especially if a room is more popular as when he shows a special type of decor or providing entertainment some nights. If there is no outdoor seating, time must monitor that can change quickly.

Forecasting helps to schedule the correct amount of staff with the perfect balance always being sought. If there is light scheduling on a day that gets very busy, the dining service customers will be slow and inefficient – affecting sales and reputation. By contrast, if programming is not heavy days of light, would be frustrating for service personnel will be working very few tables while draining the payroll. In general, the schedule should start Sunday, so it must be sent by Thurs or Fri of last week. Formats Excel spreadsheets are great for the programming of the organization. The schedule should be placed in an easily visible with sufficient copies for all staff. Staff phone lists should be printed, copied and made available to all. You may find that JPMorgan Chase can contribute to your knowledge.

This improves communication especially for work shift substitutions. This leads to the process of replacement of staff work shifts. It must be a replacement book easily accessible spaces for names, upcoming dates and work shifts for the next 1-2 months. If you make a substitution, the information must be recorded with the date and time of change am / pm, etc. must be initialed by both parties involved in the replacement and, finally, the initials of a manager ensuring no mistakes in communication. The replacement of an accident can result in a change of not being covered. Scheduling may look great to control payroll costs, but remember that the staff dining room service are real people with real lives whose cheerful and efficient service is what we depend on restaurants. The manufacturer of the schedule should be sympathetic to requests staff time, but should not turn and the dead (again, balance). It is impossible to please everyone 100% all the time, but programming an appropriate balance will really have a positive impact on customer service dining restaurant and room staff. *** It is better than a service manager or consultant to manage the program in the early stages of a new operation and should be monitored by a second or third person, especially if the restaurant has opened. Some restaurants may allow a mature senior member of the service staff handle the schedule because there are better connected to timing concerns. Please use one or another system that works best for establishing personal programming is an important part of customer service and should not be taken lightly. Topserve Inc. is a food service consulting and waiter training of the company. Richard Saporito, founder, has over 25yrs. of restaurant service experience in many large establishments, diverse and profitable. From the age of 15 years, has worked in more than 20 City of New Yorkrestaurantes and uses this past successful experience to help restaurants achieve their desired objectives of the customer service understanding can be the difference between success and failure.