Businesses that need such supplies as the wheels and rollers, wheels for trucks and platform trucks, castors, wheels with brakes, heavy wheels, heat-resistant wheels and tires for furnaces, carefully chosen such products among many different proposals. And an important parameter for selecting a destination, characteristics and quality of certain industrial wheels and rollers. Wheels and rollers are designed to equip mobile equipment and devices used in various sectors of the economy, government, hospitals, institutions, culture and education, as well as industrial sector. Design features of wheels and rollers are inextricably linked with their application. In most cases, products are divided into hardware-duty wheels and castors, wheels and castors for transport equipment, heavy-duty wheels and castors, wheels and castors for trolleys platform and wheel bearings, alloy wheels, brake or lock the wheels and heat resistant.

Hardware wheels and rollers are used to complete handcarts for light-duty office space for a complete medical and commercial equipment, furniture manufacturing. Wheels and castors provide mobility various machinery and equipment, as well as hand-carts shipping, work platform, medium-duty, garbage containers, storage and commercial equipment, etc. Heavy duty wheels and castors find applications where mobility is required particularly heavy loads are applied to the complete trucks, the various technological devices and equipment, increased capacity for work in the shop conditions and completion of pallet trucks. Heat-resistant and heat-resistant wheels are used in bakery ovens, pastry shops and food processing plants. All wheels and rollers are made of high quality materials specifically designed for a wide range of applications, even in the harmful environment.

Among the materials used to manufacture the wheels, some types of rubber, including a multi-component, polyurethane, polyamide, Iron, steel and aluminum. Wide range of materials for the manufacture of arms for movies – it’s galvanized steel, stainless steel, cast iron. Co., Ltd. ‘Storage Technology Kharkov‘ represents the best brands on the market industrial wheels and rollers.