In my opinion, work on yourself is one of the most difficult throughout life. "And that, I must constantly be engaged in the development of life?" Is constantly asking me to most people. What do you think? Take a look and observe successful people, their behavior and mannerisms, what they do. As a rule they never cease to learn and develop. Perhaps that is why most people can not understand why the success of passes them by.

In Herein lies a few factors influencing the success of not only the development. Remember the words of the Bible: "Word was made flesh!" You about something it says? Most people are accustomed to think and speak not as successful people. To To understand this, we must begin even with the simplest of things, if you want to succeed. I am on an initial stage of its development is very helpful book by a famous multimillionaire, Investor and author of several Bestsellerov, Robert . The title of this book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad "to retell it to you now I will not, I do not see the point. I am confident that this book and you will look at your life and the world through different eyes. Remember now the words of one a famous person, who said: "People will bring you the money themselves, for the value you bring to the market!" Think on these words! Next, ask yourself the question: "What value do I bring to people?" And now remember All successful people that you come to your mind and think about why they are successful, and you not? The concept of value to the market is one of the main lessons, which you do not tell any one secondary school world. As you think why? No matter what country you are from, and what time did not live, you can get 2, 3, 5, and 10 times more money than they do now, if you become a personality in two, three, and more developed than now. Now the world is running a simple rule: "If you want to receive above-average profits, then you need to become a person above average. " How? But this time as we have said in past topics! You can know all about how you become a financially successful man, but it does not advance you any one centimeter to the goals until you start to act.