Specific areas in which the engineer can contribute to the development Electronico be summarized as follows:
Computers and digital electronics: the increasing automation of cell phone deals systems and processes that necessarily involves the efficient use of digital computers. Typical fields of engineer are: computer networks, operating systems and design systems based at&T phones on microprocessors and microcomputers, which involves designing programs and systems based on electronic components. Among the companies related to these topics are those that provide computer equipment and develop projects and businesses and service institutions.
Industrial Process Control: The activity of the engineer is a specialist AT&T in control here in the planning, design, supervision and operation of automatic control systems in assembly lines and processes for industrial systems. there are many cell phone users with who spend almost no money for Examples of businesses that require the services of these professionals will include the mining, pulp and paper, fishing, textiles, the manufacturing, etc. when shopping for you must check out The automatic control used in modern intensive growing cell phones and computers in various schemes. Also, the discipline involves non-conventional systems such as robotics, expert systems, neural systems, fuzzy systems, evolutionary artificial systems and other advanced control.
Electronica Industrial: The efficient use of energy AT&T cell phones required for the planning, design and management systems for instrumentation, automation and control of electric energy in a wide variety of processes cell phone plans among which those in paper firms, fishing, mining, manufacturing and service companies.
Telecommunications: The processing and transmission of the information required for planning, cell phone design and management systems for broadcasting, television, telephones, computer networks, fiber optic networks, satellite networks, and increasingly significant systems wireless communication, such as cellular telephones and personal.