I say obvious if disruptive innovation says that while people had also reached the marketing, prompting the emergence of? Marketing disruption?, And are a clear example blogs. He commented that because sometimes companies do not seem to realize that this is no longer the same. When it comes to branding or talk about a brand, that is not already find in the core values of the same or live the brand, that the idea to sell will not come to investigate or search there, quite the contrary, to get that idea before we must be clear what the purpose or intent to get it.
On this Huge McLeod says regarding the relationship Intent-Idea. Would mean knowing what it prompts us to do things, seeing what the true meaning it is for us to work in our company, rather than what was spent or what we do on a daily basis, but to what really motivates us to go to work. Once you know the purpose, it is easier to come up with the idea, and make it to be disruptive. In other words, covering a necessity that no one knew who was present, but for whom it was found.
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