The Zohar
Qlifot belong to the fourth world or OVLM HAShIH (Olam Ha-Assiah) Shares of the world, this is the world of bark, shells or wrappers (fumes, waste or garbage) OVLM HQLIPVTh (Olahm Ha-Qlifot ), which corresponds to the material or earthly world, this world is born of impure elements of the 3 growth worlds that are Bina, and Hod Gevura these Qabalan the hosts of evil, call them, QLIPVTh or Qlifot, (see the derivations of the name above).
These negative emanations are divided into ten classes, with their corresponding home, have ten degrees of the sefirot as Shejina (The presence of God), but in reverse, which means that as we descend in grade, their dark and impurities. The first two are celebrities merely the absence of visible form and organization. The third is the edge or the principle of darkness. The following seven are occupied improve the world by those demons which represent the incarnation of human teach Kabbalah vices, and torture. Their prince is Samael, the angel of the poisoning and death. the s around the world are offshoots of the original founded by and his team of Kabbalah experts His wife is the demonesa Lilit, AShTh ZNVNIM (Ishet Zenunim) together with these two characters is a beast as the false trinity.
According to the Gnostics in Castile, a different version of the Zohar describes qlifot as a result of mysticism the separation required in the act of creation, so that would have left the Ain Sof qlifot of the Zohar “emanation of the izquierda ” that is, the power of the dirt that is active in the creation of the receiving power sefira Gevura is this power of evil which the Zohar compares with a shell (qlifa) that emanates from the burning tree that is good, call some cabalistic study this tree (the tree outside (external) (ha-ilan hahizon) or “the mystery of the tree of knowledge), which leave the ” palaces of impurezas “in his comment haSulam