Instituting commissions and advice who set against the enganosa propaganda before the saraniano and withheld unarmed people in Tindouf, Southeast of Algeria. It it continues waiting for the announcement for a region autonomy under the kingdom of Morocco in agreement the legality and international legitimacy. The maintenance of the kingdom of this inadequate and dispendioso separatista group causes problems of inadivisable all. It Leaves would be, evidently, workmanship of accomodating spirit and displicente, more interested for the rooms of the clientele politics of what for the feeling of the assumed responsibilities. The kingdom, for certain, engaged efforts next to the international community. Opening the way to the group to adhere to the negotiation table. Where it has possibilities for an exit pacify of the artificial conflict.

The plan presented for the kingdom constitutes for the separatista group a true challenge. It considered to decide diverse problems for the group in security terms and leadership. Making possible great relevance and without serious repercussions, not to affect powerful organized interests, internally and external. Morocco, country known for its millenarian history is if locating firmly ahead of this so difficult and complicated question. The game is frank. Morocco must defend its interests against that they had kept hostile relations, causing deep desarticulador impact. Plus this symbol for which the country if is proud it is carried only by the proper Moroccans. The main challenge, however, is as to remain joined, because no people survives will have desunido itself.

Therefore the basic question nor is in such a way politics, but yes of the national character. In this way the democracy will have a particular direction when the country to give right of being heard, for the fact to have courage to submit it a national proposal to the different parliamentarians, object of the game of being able for the world. This demonstrates to the legitimacy and the capacity of the country to answer to all and any situation.