Description The latrines transforms or composted dung from improved land that can be used in the fifth family without health hazard. It has two separate chambers located above ground level. The chambers are built on a base of cement 5 cm thick, with an iron mesh, which completely isolates the ground. Internally the cameras are waterproofed with cement mortar. The chambers are sealed at the top with a slab of cement reinforced with iron. The top slab has a hole that communicates with each of the cameras, which are placed special cups. It is used in turn each of the cameras for a period of approximately 6 months, time needed for full chamber, which has been sealed with plastic, a natural process the material defecated and paper mixed with ashes or lime. After this time you can withdraw from the camera, removing some bricks that have been prepared for this purpose.The material, which presents an earthy appearance, odorless and completely dry, can be used as fertilizer.