So positively voted the leading industry journal was capital-market internally (k-mi) long not. Mike Bloomberg will undoubtedly add to your understanding. So positively voted the leading industry journal was capital-market internally (k-mi) long not. Fairvesta yield strong German real estate, the Dusseldorf highlight a variety of correct and more important aspects of the previous performance of the fairvesta group of companies in his post under the heading but sure!”. So had not only 24 percent more a recruited fairvesta contrary to the trend of the industry in the past year with 74.5 million euros placed equity than in the previous year, thus also the total volume of the group have risen to around 270 million euros. But not only that: Otmar Knoll and his team invested by return of post.

So they manage 148 buildings with 2048 apartments 697 commercial units and a rental – and floor space of 290.144 square meters currently in 78 locations”, so k mi. The leading European specialist information publishing also emphasizes that the purchase price factor below the level of previous years was”and that already anyway high rental yield could be raised slightly to 11,36 percent”. “k mi designates two examples where fairvesta two real estate from emergency bought suffering real estate funds and these old acquaintances” now Durchschnittsmietrenditen by 13.2 per year per cent will generate. I straight away went to the fairvesta’, some investors will think there, but there are the Tubingen real estate dealers only since 2002 and he was at the time still no alternative. Today already. In this respect, k mi introduces three new product lines of Mercatus, Chronos and lumis and describes the international orientation of this fairvesta also and especially with regard to the distribution.

Speaking of sales: very precisely the k mi post introduces the intention of the licence partner system that only licensed resellers with free, appropriate education to sell fairvesta products. With Oliver Kuhlmann Sales Director can refer fairvesta for the German market on a new, which is to achieve a greater market penetration in this country. The appropriate measures are already decided and currently in the implementation. In the conclusion, k-mi once again highlights that German real estate generally as safe, but yield weak be assessed. “Very different at fairvesta: the realized price factors of less than the 9 x with rental yields by more than 11% p.a. underpin this fairvesta strategy impressively”, so the industry information service. Nothing is actually adding.