In times past (not very distant indeed) was hard to imagine Third World countries like Venezuela, could venture into the manufacture of vehicles and any other technological advance, as it was always believed that this technology was only reserved for the great powers. Today, this technological breakthrough will enable all Venezuelans, to translate the most part, great solutions and thus contribute to improving the quality of life of people with fewer resources. Now this beautiful country inherited by our liberator Sim n Bol var, owns and has owned all time great natural and human talent, which allows us to consider the following and ask the relevant question: Is that in times of once, there was no political will to do this and so many things that could have been done in Venezuela … like today if it is succeeding, even when we are “in times of crisis So what to do now is not an optical illusion, much less eloquent intentions, which if true, is that if you want to check the reality of what I write here is absolutely free to investigate on their own means. Under the slogan “Venirauto, moving to Venezuela” the assembly plant is installed in Aragua state as a result of mutual cooperation agreements signed by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Ch vez and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Visit the Bolivarian leader excusing the Persian country in July this year. Subsequent to this rubric, the Standing Finance Committee of the National Assembly (AN) has approved an additional credit of 69 thousand 800 million Bolivars to the Ministry of Light Industries and Commerce (Milco), in order to install and put into operation the plant Industries Venirauto AC joint participation of companies Aido (Iran) and Venins (Venezuela). This project seeks to generate auto about 200 direct jobs and 100 indirect, reaching a first step in the assembly of popular vehicles and auto parts then go incorporating built in Venezuela. Turpial 141 DLX (141 Saipa Iran) Price: 17 million Bolivars / 6700 euros It is the most basic model and is a small utility similar dimensions and proportions of a Dacia Logan, with 4 doors and powered by a 1.4 petrol 4-cylinder engine develops a maximum power of 75 hp. In terms of equipment is quite limited, but offers amenities like air conditioning and CD player, among its enhancements are seatbelts front and rear. Equipment on these vehicles: digital mileage. analog tachometer. Account rpm. Analog. Antenna power. Electric trunk switch. Switch back anti-fogging glass Anti-fog rear glass. adjustable mirrors. Third stop. bumper painted. air recycling system and pollen filter (Anti-allergic). gas tank capacity: 37 liters. Type of Fuel: 95 octane. Link brake: Dot 3. Air Conditioning. Control of heating and air conditioning CD Player. Electrical safety Digital Clock Seat belts front and rear. Center console with cigarette holder, ashtray, air-conditioning controls, lighter, coasters. Flip mirror right sun. mirror day / night. system of four horns. Three handles. Two hooks for clothes. Light indicator of low fuel. hand brake indicator lamp. Indicator Light seatbelts. Light oil level indicator. Light of caution. Anti-fog indicator lamp. Centaur LX / ST (Samand in Iran) Price: 23millones Bs / 9000 euros The second is a middle saloon is fitted a little better and is powered by a gasoline engine 1.6 which provides up to 100 hp from potencia.Cuenta with some accommodations and “little luxuries” with which the Turpial not count, as for example speakers in each door and electric windows. Seat adjustable driver and passenger (forward / backward) Back adjustable front seats. Front seats with pockets in the back adjustable headrest rear seat armrest and two drink holders Gate in the back seat. opened its first office in Los Angeles, we have expanded to nearly 80 offices in 40 countries – clients include many of the world’s largest and most prestigious public and private companies, middle-market and emerging growth companies, as well as government and nonprofit organizations Lid with mirror and sun light. elegant upholstery. Switch back anti-fogging glass. Control of heating and air conditioning radio cassette system. Glove lit. Three handles. Two hooks for clothes. ceiling lights, front and back. Power windows front / side control operation of the driver. Electrical Switch right front window. Switch right / left rear windows. Electrical Control Tuning mirrors A speaker in each front door. digital mileage analog tachometer. Account rpm.