One of the major problems in the market rate – it is slurred language employers with requirements by the applicants. As a rule, it creates confusion between the employer and recruitment agency, as a result of organizations applying for assistance in recruiting firm that is dissatisfied with the work done. Seen by many representatives of employment agencies, head, capable of clearly defined requirements for the candidate – rarity. Very often, the employer, accounting for the vacancy, mentions only some general requirements, such as sex, age, education, work experience. And if this information may be sufficient to publish the advertisement in the newspaper or the Internet, to send the application to the recruitment agency it is not enough. The application must include detailed information about the company and the specific unit for which the employee is selected, a detailed description requirements for candidates, including personal and professional qualities. Plus a list of interview questions to help determine the actual competence of potential employees. Also on the staff proposal to specify requirements for appearance and social status of the candidate, if they exist.

For example, the appearance is very important for the staff whose job it is to communicate with customers – the exterior must have to communicate. That With regard to social status, it also plays a significant role in companies a certain type. If your organization has adopted a dress code, this is also worth mentioning in the application. When specifying the necessary personal qualities drafter of the application should think carefully. It must be precisely those features that will really affect the operation of the employee. In this case, you need to pay attention to the fact that these qualities are not excluded each other. So it would be strange at the same time demand from the candidates of sociability and perseverance, logical thinking and imagination.

In recent years, often a variety of unusual requirements, such as employer wants to see their worker rights certain zodiac sign. For those that may be perceived by many as a freak, disappears, in fact, a certain calculation. First, the supervisor may be know what is needed to work at this location as having people born under these or other signs. Another possible cause – the employer picks up the staff, taking into account the compatibility between the zodiac employees and management. In addition, many unexpected requirements may be imposed on a native company. Thus, a strange claim to love animals is easily explained by the fact that the organization is linked to producing or selling products for animals, and a job offer sexual minorities that the company's customers are mainly members of this social group. Also unusual requirements may explains the features of corporate style organization. For many companies, especially Western, corporate culture plays a very important role. About all sorts of traditions prevailing in the organization, employment agency must have a clear idea as it greatly narrows the search and save time that would otherwise be spent on interviews with candidates who do not meet corporate standards. In conclusion, once again say that whatever the search parameters – typical or original, rather than they are given, the faster and more efficient to work done on the selection of staff. If only he employer knew exactly who he wanted.