The series, starring the veteran actor Leif Erickson, John Cannon, owner of the ranch called “El Gran Chaparral” located in the current desert of Sonora, was developed in the American Old West about the life of two families: Cannon and Montoya.
The family consisted of John Cannon, a sturdy adventurer and recently decided to fight against nature and the Apaches to keep his ranch on foot, and its refined Mexican wife Victoria Montoya (Linda Cristal), daughter of another powerful rancher in the region known “El Leon de Sonora,” Don Sebastian Montoya (Frank Silvera). You were the best of luck with younger brother John, Buck Cannon (Cameron Mitchell) and Blue (Mark Slade), son of John in a previous marriage.
The box is completed with the players fun and dissolute Manolo Montoya (Henry Darrow), commonly called Manolito, brother of Victoria. The latter had come to reside in Grand Chaparral, because he disliked being treated as “the son of the patron” at the ranch of his father.
Also highlighted as effective secondary foreman Sam Butler (Don Collier), workers Joe Butler (Bob Hoy) and Pedro (Roberto Contreras), as well as the loyal butler Vaquero (Rodolfo Acosta). Despite its sporadic appearances, is also remembered the presence of the Mexican hustler Perlita (Marie Gomez), “girlfriend” of Manolito and many other inhabitants of the region.
Often, residents of the Grand Chaparral came into conflict with the Apaches, or should be protected against bandits, deserters from the army, and so on. The series certainly stands out for its beautiful natural locations and also because of its abundant fun situations in which the characters look naturally many flaws as virtues.
Another of the unique features of this series is that it is not the cowboy hero, indomitable, incorruptible and friend to all who are loyal only to himself, but a group of people who work well with each other and form a family in this residential environment.
The series was canceled after four years, but has become a classic and is continuously transmitted by the TV open and closed in different countries, with significant audience.

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