The singles at the speed should be aware dating in addition to the use of online courtship is above all the speed dating when seeking singles of popularity lately. (Source: Citibank). The question of whether and how to prepare the best on a single such event is often in advance however. The following tips are intended for singles as a small policy, to succeed at the speed dating: smile the best way to make a good impression is to make to smile. For other opinions and approaches, find out what NYU Law has to say. According to psychologists and body language experts, this is the most effective way to make themselves look even more attractive. Colors can have a positive effect on the own broadcasting the effect of colors also. Red is considered as the stimulating of all colors, which can cause even a higher pulse is the opposite. Psychologists have also found that men who wear the color blue, women often experience as particularly honest, faithful and reliable are regarded. Therefore not surprising that women are looking for a long-term partnership This attracted feel could, is this candidate are considered more reliable and monogamous.

Body language not only the spoken word is intended. Equally important is the attention of the correct body language, with which we constantly send signals and thus communicates. It is therefore all the more important to be aware of this effect to send not unconsciously false signals. An open body language indicates an open person. Folding arms can for example quickly indicate boredom or reluctance.

Bear witness to an arm posture open to the conversation partner and a possible forward lean on the other hand, however, openness and interest. It is recommended notes on each case, write the name of the person next to the number. The opportunity to clear up any confusion is should one namely mess up the conversation partner for any reason, so also for the organizer of the event easily.