“Now, and what the Zugelabere” of customers goes on, so must be at this point again made clear that this sales tactic was. Such drivel, to convince his customers, not anymore. The customers have become experienced and therefore more intelligent. Which then inevitably brings a better and smarter preparation of sales representative with, which means the seller no longer simply only so can talk, but to listen to. The normal seller are what were then, so twenty years ago, still the elite sellers today, because today, every seller must be highly trained, so nothing there to babbling. Who wants to be a good seller today, which should bring a lot. But it is not only hard work, bringing the job of sales representative with it before all also great fun directly to stand.

It is a blessing to see how products make the customers happy. But not only that. The job of sales representative brings a lot of money with it. A sales representative earned on average in the year 115.600, in contrast, the marketing employee who earned only 93.300. These are figures that speak for themselves. So you want to be salespeople, use the current upswing, which itself is spreading in Germany. Take advantage of the opportunity and be representative. But watch who you take the job, because many companies, even corporations promise big money, but the seller has none of this at the end unfortunately, because he or she gets only a tiny Commission. Are sales representatives, at abcmarkets, then beckons you the great opportunity to build up a really great career, because with us, we promise not only high commissions, but we keep this promise even.