When we ran pregnant hormone produced a revolution in our body that cause us several signs that may indicate that we are in the state. The human chorionic gonadotropin, estrogen, progesterone, are some of the hormones that increase their levels during pregnancy and that are the cause of the symptoms shown below.These early symptoms of pregnancy are not always indicators of the same, as even some symptoms such as pain in the belly or sensitivity in the breasts can be pre-ovulation or menstruation. But how we note that our body is prepared and suited for the months to come?The first sign that can serve women who tend to have a regular menstrual cycle is the lack of menstruation or amenorrhea. Although some women have a false rule that occurs when the egg is implanted in the uterus (around one week after conception), which is characterized by vaginal bleeding pink or brown, painless, shorter than the rule.Tits sensitive or inflated because the hormones also beginning to prepare for breastfeeding. The hormone progesterone affects the growth of the mammary glands and estrogen in the development of the milk ducts. Also prolactin, lact placental hormone, oxytocin and luteinizing hormone involved in the processes of formation of breast milk and in all size changes and alterations suffering sinus throughout pregnancy.These changes in the breasts in the early stages of pregnancy are more pronounced in women who routinely experienced changes in the breasts before menstruation. Pain in lower abdomen or some swelling. The pelvic pain, which may be similar to the proximity of menstruation or experienced during the same, are due to the initial congestion of the uterus, where the embryo is taking root in the uterine lining.At the onset of pregnancy swelling belly should be a bowel distention retained by air. Progesterone determines a slowdown of intestinal transit and as a result of the delay in the evacuation also occurs flatulence.Nausea or dizziness morning, which despite its name can be given at any time of day. They can be accompanied by excessive salivation and vomiting. The pregnancy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin), estrogen and progesterone are responsible for these nausea that produces the rejection of some flavors and odors. It can cause considerable discomfort to women in the early stages of pregnancy (or at any stage of gestation). The intensity of nausea depend on the sensitivity of women to hormonal changes. There are some natural remedies that may alleviate nausea, but depend on each woman to find the best way to sufrirlas. Here we have some tips for a diet that will alleviate dizziness morning.We can? Console? With the fact that the abhorrence that we feel for certain foods can be linked to a mechanism of protection against certain harmful substances in the body. Consider, for example, in the case of women for the first symptom of pregnancy is anxiety compared to the smell of snuff or coffee. There are investigations that point that women who experience nausea morning are less likely to abortion than others who do not.Related media – :