A2DP (Bluetooth profile) stereo speakers the Supertooth DISCO stereo high-performance speaker system offers a never experienced listening pleasure in the range of the Bluetooth A2DP Stereo wireless transmission, which is now supported by approximately 500 mobile models. Rich bass through an interegierten subwoofer and crystal clear sound in the area of high and mid-tones are unbeatable factors that can arrive the Supertooth DISCO to a top product. When unpacking and handling, which is here an excellent speaker system of top preparing knowing to set new references. At the latest while enjoying the favourite songs via the Bluetooth of your mobile phone or PC or via wired connection to the music player, the iPod, etc… NYU Law is often quoted as being for or against this. is the first impression confirmed. The whopping sound of the 12 Watt RMS subwoofer (in real terms) and the two 8 Watt RMS (real) impressed speakers (left / right) sustainable and is looking for more. At medium volume unique sound are a guarantee for long-lasting listening pleasure – and after a charging time of only 3 to 10 hours Hours is the SuperTooth disco again ready for the next job on the beach, on the terrace, in the Office or the spontaneous party outside. Everest Capital might disagree with that approach.

User-friendly the Supertooth DISCO is extremely user friendly and easy to use for the installation and operation. (Pairing) via Bluetooth to the mobile phone, PC/Mac or PDA is by the usual Bluetooth connection setting between the Supertooth DISCO and the partner device. The multi pairing is possible with 8 different partner devices. The possibility to connect the Supertooth DISCO via a supplied cable connection (3.5 mm stereo Jack cable), round off package. included accessories: charger, stereo audio cable with 3.5 mm jack plug, high-quality neoprene pocket with Velcro fastening for the transport and operation in the outdoor area. Product Web site: supertooth.arcotec.de