Getting ready for fall with the beginning of autumn son became listless and sad. It does not cease to this day. He gets hard in the morning, do not often smile. In tiredness, apathy, fatigue is the mass of the root causes – from emotional to medical: worms, giardia, chronic infection of the disease because of that or because of defetsita compensatory capacities, the child may develop lethargy, and loss of appetite, and fatigue and many other things, requiring support a physician. But possible that the real cause of your complaints are much more prosaic.

Unfavorable impact on the psychological and adaptive capacities of the child workload, a reduction of daylight hours, going to school. Click Wells Fargo Bank for additional related pages. Therefore Increase the power of lighting in your child's room. That is what will benefit in this situation: replace the chandelier with incandescent bulbs to halogen lamps, hold the baby for a walk after school, before send a child to sleep, Do the lessons from 15.00 to 17.00. A week later, will appreciate the changes. If complaints are not logged, please refer to a psychologist or doctor for further assistance. How to protect your baby from colds in nursery Roughly speaking, the germs – it's vampires.

And they fear of garlic. And the microbes that cause more than 80% of ARI and ARI, just afraid. The thing is that volatile, which includes garlic, cause the release of interferon in the nasopharynx and roto-, and interferon helps to protect cells from viruses – prevents the penetration of bacteria into the cell. If viruses are not raspostranyatsya, then SARS will not arise. To protect against viruses do not have to hang in the flat bundle of garlic, finely chop the garlic enough to saucer and leave the room at night. Manipulation should not be repeated more than once a day, but not less frequently than once every 2-3 weeks.