But with the right in-store music customers buy more with Christmas coming, since the shops as well as just Christmas songs play. No Weihnachtsleider hear but most buyers want during the Christmas shopping, according to a study. The music reminds the buyer rather the stress of Christmas instead of gifts to buy thinking. According to the study, small changes in stores can have a big impact on buyer. A large majority of buyers (73%) want to hear no carols in the run-up to Christmas in the shops. This is a central outcome now mood Media Corporation (TSX: MM / LSE AIM: MM), the largest media experts for in-store marketing, published study. The results of the study, which will be exactly the time known in the many shops take their Christmas decoration and Christmas music, suggest also that carols buyers rarely put a festive mood for buying gift: more than 3 out of 5 participants the Survey of YouGov1, i.e.

61% indicated that she listen to Christmas music in a store wouldn’t make, to think about the purchase of gifts. In addition nearly three-quarters (74%) of consumers aged between 18 and 44 years said that they like to listen to in-store music while shopping at the store. Also just under two-thirds (64%) said they would stay longer and look around, if told to the atmosphere in a shop. Vanessa Walmsley, head of corporate marketing at mood Media Corporation, explains the results: the message to retailers who are looking for ways to keep the buyers longer time in the shop, is clear: instead of a sound with solid songs only because starting just before Christmas, they should vote their in-store music based on the tastes and preferences of particular demographic group that attributable to the own customers. If the customers like the songs played in the stores, you stay longer and the opportunities increase.