Buying and selling is increasingly about likes and Hasst instead of welcome to the referral company. The classic tell a friend experienced an irrepressible Renaissance there as digital consumer content and shifted more and more to the Internet. Social sharing is also called this. Buying and selling occurs increasingly through likes and Hasst. This development is driven by Smartphones and tablet computers that reach the mass market in Germany in 2011. With their help, location based services and augmented reality will increasingly shape our lifestyle. Mobile marketing is the hype.

Who will be laughing on a product page on the Internet by the faces of his friends because they like press the I button, buy more. Qype & co. make it possible, warmly recommend any any provider or icy to dissuade. The first bars strong recommendation foursquare users spend free beer. At the Edelschnellrestaurant Vapiano, s is for Power-Einchecker a free Cup of coffee. Increasingly, companies reach their customers via the mobile phone. Via app first shops send a buy recommendation in addition to coupon-coupon on the waiting screen pedestrians when passing.

The discount battles of the future take place at Facebook places and similar services. High pressure work with augmented reality (AR) innovative companies to link the real with the virtual world. Thus, each visitor received a RFID bracelet, which logged a him on his Facebook account for example at a recent Coca-Cola event in Israel. Now he could at every attraction on his bracelet like click me and send pictures on his wall. There will be such like machines in many industries in the future. Who then fails to pass through the voting, is obsolete. Sales increase no longer proportional to pressure from advertising, but with the number of positive recommendations. Increasingly, the search box of Google & co is the starting point for a potential customer relationship and seldom at the same time the end.