Marketing – promotion of innovative business Today we will talk about the marketing promotion of business innovation. Marketing – the part of the business, but it is part of the business, without which the business does not exist, but between by businessmen themselves do not recognize the existence of marketing. But exactly what happens. Marketer, the man who has to speak comprehensible and well-known things, and if they are such, then why do we need Marketing Specialist? In fact of the matter is that the marketer all these well-known truth, arranges, builds, and offers ready-made marketing strategy. Innovative business complex in the marketing understanding of the fact that not enough is known for innovative business future market.

Innovative business issues and innovation that is new is not known to this business, or a way of doing business, and how will this effect business is not known, one can only speculate. What can help a marketer? Yes it is the choice of strategy. An experienced marketer will choose the strategy of promoting any business, but business will only have to chosen strategy. Will there be enough force to implement the chosen strategy or not enough, but to get the result, it is necessary to bring the work to promote a strategy to end, otherwise the result will not be. Hear from experts in the field like Ben Silbermann for a more varied view. Here and there snag.

It is not always the businessman has the patience to implement a marketing strategy to the bitter end. There are many marketing methods for determining market size, market analysis, internal analysis and the external environment. There are many techniques, try to do some marketing techniques. You will feel how it works. Analysis of the market and competitors, such an analysis after provededniya immediately disappear questions and answers will appear. So first we should try, and then say what will happen or not. Software marketing work there are very many. The same house of quality, I really found it only in German, but that's okay, and you can work in German, the interface is pretty intuitive. Optimize the collection and analysis of information not so difficult. A qualitative analysis of the supply company one step higher in the its development. And each step up, leaves konurentov at the previous stage. So enjoy not only the financial analysis, but also marketing. All of our sales, whether we like it or not, are the result of marketing organization. A good marketing or bad, here's your job, all the cards in your hands. And if you do not have enough hands? Then go to overtime mode, but remain at the workplace, access to work in Saturday, horror, and what to do, want to work, of course, want. The main thing you need to understand that the quality of the enterprise depends on each employee. And that banal truth, each employee is not against a raise. I like a man which is developing business plans, know every item of business plan. Each item has its own plan busi force. And the skill that raises the level of business plan lies in the fact that each item of business plan must be professional. Even the executive summary and data on the company, are not written just so needed everywhere grammotnye language. So at this stage we are finishing our conversation, I wish you a successful settlement, and that your predictions are always sbyvali. Until we meet again my friends, if that, then I am always ready to answer your all your questions, but only by mail, by virtue of his employment response to the letter may be followed immediately, then, good luck!