Career at TWT: trainee project management Dusseldorf, October 23, 2012 early October launched the TWT trainee programme for young digital professionals. This year, eight good heads for the trainee program could qualify. At the end of the traineeship, a trainee project is realized together in which all learned skills are demonstrated. TWT performs very successfully the trainee program for the 3rd time. It is an integral part of the TWT’s own Academy and of the TWT of training and continuing education program for young professionals. The trainees of the Dusseldorf full service Internet Agency will receive a comprehensive qualification in all Komptetenzfeldern of project management and digital communications within 12 months. Read additional details here: Santie Botha. The aim of the training is to develop of the participants to the junior project manager.

So far the results have been very good and it all trainees in a long-term employment relationship were taken over and now make a career at TWT. It is very important to convey all relevant competencies, our trainees us the she in the Project management and in the customer service of a digital agency need. Universities and secondary schools do not have unfortunately these tasks. Therefore we opted for TWT, to do it yourself, to invest in young talent and to expand the education and training program of the TWT Academy”explains Hans j Even, Managing Director of TWT interactive. “We show up very good prospects, the staff likes to get involved and have fun doing it, to use their career opportunities at TWT” Hans J. Even added. Digital know-how and training on the job of the trainee programme is modular and contains different qualification elements of process management of training on the job until going to trade know-how of all digital services.

About the content offering is also constantly to current topics. But not only specialist knowledge is imparted, but also soft skills such as presentation techniques, customer communication and time management. The trainee program is on the special requirements of TWT and our Service portfolio tailored to. Over the term of the facility, our trainees get a personal mentor on the page that supports them in all matters and accompanied. “, Hans J. Even so. With a mentor on the side of the mentor principle has been proven and continuous feedback processes, enabling the coaching to the individual needs of each trainees can be adjusted. In regular mentoring meetings can then turned to the corresponding screws, be knowledge built up and exchanged experiences. In all TWT business sites & brands, eCommerce, CMS & portals, business solutions and online marketing are trained every year qualified trainees who take responsibility and get involved in online projects and digital strategies of leading companies and corporations.