To understand and make your website marketing funnel is necessary to know the conversion of our product, which usually has several stages. Printing creativity. Printing of creativity, we show the web surfer’s product or service that we offer.The person who surfs the internet sees our advertising and have the option to do the required action or omit it (in most cases is a click that will take the place of destination). Click on creativity. Click on creativity, in all cases of marketing campaigns, the objective of creativity is the click, whether we are talking about search engines, email or banner ads, the advertiser’s intention is that the user click and be redirected to a page within the site of the brand. Register as a user. Register as a user, once the potential client is on site, now the goal is to know, and for this the best we can do is submit a registration form to leave your details and we can assign a user profile. Generally, the form should not be very extensive and we might intimidate the potential client and does not want to continue navigating our site, but is common to find options for registration in the email and names that are required.