Billionaire Ricardo Martinelli won the Presidency of Panama with 60% of the votes, compared to 37% of the social democratic Martin Torrijos government. It is the first presidential victory of right in front of those who proclaim as left since Latin America comes to be oligopoly pink tide. This triumph is given shortly after the Socialist electoral victories in Venezuela and El Salvador. Martinelli will lead a Government of court business, it will promote the FTA with the us.UU. and it will seek to create a Government that seeks to be more akin to Obama than the conservative old pro Bush. The so-called tsunami of Martinelli is so great that it succeeded in controlling the legislative power and the capital city mayor. The Democratic Revolutionary Party, the largest in the country and that he was previously with the military dictatorships of Torrijos father and Noriega, is suffering a defeat so acute that he would come to a strong internal crisis. Wear is due to corruption (something that the PRD had promised to fight when he was elected makes five years) grew during his Administration. While the left accuses the PRD’s have plummeted by not having social changes and have fostered corruption, Martinelli won them showing itself as a better and more honest administrator. The triumph of Martinelli will want to be used by the continental right, especially by the Chilean, to reverse the trend of leftist that has been imposed on most of the large countries to the South of Mexico.