Performance marketing offers the ability to create an optimal sales experience for the customers in this day and age, marketing has become an important part of the economy. Hardly a product can sell themselves without appropriate advertising and marketing. Even Kleinstartikel need sophisticated Know-How to achieve the sales figures accordingly. With performance marketing, the economy describes a special system that optimizes the marketing in interactive media. The Internet is a special platform.

And a special platform looks for a special service. So the sale of products. Now it is not so, that the seller is interested in purely on its sale. In order to provide best service for the customers, but also to constantly optimize the product and the sales, certain requirements needed. In interactive media, speed is a must. It is therefore useful to be able to follow – and also intervene if necessary – the sales process on the Internet. The performance marketing has set itself the goal, to optimize following points: 1 measurability: for the seller, it is insightful, say completely observable and measurable, as are the reactions of the audience.

This applies to a registration, as well as a purchase on the Internet. 2. modularity: The sales process can be individually assessed by splitting into many small modules or perform. 3. Networking: The performance-marketing can be networked with other components. This means that it can be divided in larger campaigns. This process intensified interactions. 4. ability to optimize: the efficiency of a campaign can be increased deliberately. This is possible through continuous improvement. For example, the design of advertising copy, the arrangement of elements on the Web site, new text of messages, etc. The advantage of performance marketing especially is that the optimization can be performed during runtime. You may therefore rate this service as a positive development in the marketing sector.