Very popular computer games are the Lineage, Warcraft and similar ubivalki, where heroes are monsters, are endless bloodshed and the taking of castles. This kind of game like the boys, but girls do not like. But Thank God there are more good games for girls. First among these are various kinds of dress up games. Who just do not wear girls: ballet dancers, celebrities, and to all this is always jewelry and hairstyles.

These games develop a taste for little girls. Girls are trained to pick colors, styles and dresses become true stylists, but tend to admire the delightfully dressed characters, you want new impressions of the game. Greater girls can attract the attention of the prospect of becoming proprietress chain of restaurants, shops, etc. Often in these games is the background, which makes a special piquancy to the plot of the game, for example, heroin is inherited goes an old real estate company and the girl starts to serve customers who are becoming more and more. The most interesting is that the game speed, the farther away, so it is more complicated, given different bonuses, they continue to can expand their business. Today is not difficult to find free games for girls, among them very many strategies. A large group are all kinds of farm games, in which the challenge is to sow, breed new varieties to sell crops on the market and the money you spend on the development of the farm. There are games where it's all done on time, but there are others where you can chat with their neighbors, give gifts and just enjoying the game and the beauty of their virtual gardens.

Perhaps the most interesting category for girls – simulators, which give an opportunity to have a pet and feed him, educate, play, etc. As the Trust can be not only the dinosaurs, but Even aquarium fish. A variety of pets of any surprise. But much more interesting when a character – the same girl, for which you can choose an outfit and character, build a house, arrange the furniture in it, and then it may send to school, and how to grow – to work. These games can not inspire girls on a single day.