In addition, the law itself and the franchise has its price. But despite that, this kind of business is very popular now because of the fact that enables the beginner ready to invest in opening his case, to achieve positive results. If you have the opportunity to invest in a business couple million rubles, this is for you And if there is no money? There is another mechanism that is very reminiscent of franchising The second path. network marketing. Yes, yes! And do not look accusingly at the monitor of your computer! Network Marketing – This is a business! And business is very profitable, if properly addressed. Here, almost all in the first case: You are given a ready-made business – a scheme, the product (or service), tools for moving goods (services), full training this business, popular brand and the possibility of limitless growth of your business. As in the first case, the money to start a business you are investing for yourself. But it's not the money! To open your own business under the scheme of network marketing, you do not need to invest millions.

Investing is much more modest. Income? They too modest? And here let's deal According to the principle of network marketing is working a lot of companies around the world and each of them their conditions and their potential. I will tell you about one company with which the mark and build a business by himself. This intersetevoy holding Gloryon. Why I chose this company? Because it only allows you to create your own business with minimal investment internet.