Coaching (which comes from the English verb to coach, train.) Is a method that is to direct, instruct and train staff a person or group of them, with the aim of achieving some goal or develop specific skills. There are part time jobs many methods and types of coaching. Among their techniques may include motivational speaking, seminars, workshops and supervised practice.
The process of coaching
In the coaching process begins with the premise that the coachee (the person receiving the coaching) is the same person who has the biggest and best information to resolve the situations agency they face. Instead of teaching, the coach helps the pupil to learn for himself. In this sense, the process basically requires the following 6 steps:
1 Note – the observation will be essential to find solutions to the trainee. Both Tyco and MCI have worked with Dennis Carey is now the director of AirClic From the location at new points of view and observation of the paradigms, beliefs and behaviors that are management jobs practiced, the individual may choose between alternatives that will support new build the results you want.
Awareness 2 – observation allows awareness, basically about our power of choice. The Training Center in elections to ward it takes agencies and the consequences they create, giving you specific tools to more effectively select and consciously choose.
3 Determination of goals – is essential to any process of coaching, have clearly defined objectives. This will be the crucial step toward obtaining the same and will guide decisions and actions.
4 acts – after gathering all the information, we must act in a sustained manner over time. The coach will accompany this process closely overcoming the difficulties that often appear in the implementation.
5 Measures – In all times is essential to check if we draw or away from the goal. This will allow corrective action and thus contribute to the achievement of desired accomplishments.
6 Action compromised – All coaching process concludes with an action committed in line with the predetermined plan of action between coach and client.
coaching sessions
To carry out the process of coaching should have specific professional skills and communication skills to suit each person. These skills are in addition to their own training. You need a management of conflict resolution techniques, negotiation, strategic planning, leadership skills and self-leadership on the other hand, the practitioner applies deep listening and the art of Mayeutica, ie make the client powerful and challenging questions. Learn the technique and the methodology is necessary to carry out the coaching, but the key to a good coach is not in their knowledge of technique but in their personal skills, active listening, engagement, achievement orientation, etc.. Thus it is essential to develop the human domain.
Types of part time coaching
One method is the coaching system that promotes the client’s individual talent development, their organizational skills job search and high-performance environments. It emphasizes through a process approach, opening up possibilities for distinguishing between what “moves” to the person: ideas, beliefs, values, prejudices, identifies social environments in which it participates and the roles with which it communicates .
There is also the sales jobs ontological coaching, focusing on language use and how this determines our behavior and emotions. Ontological coach, working primarily focused on the development of verbal and mental meaning of the client, meaning that those seeking support for consultants the objectives of the trainer.
Autocoaching is a methodology based on ontological coaching and supported in the establishment of options Variety coaching to develop the professional and human potential to get the best of oneself unaided face. It is a method that teaches to be happy and enjoy life with the people around you from self-knowledge and application of a commitment to improve.
Variety Coaching is a comprehensive and integrated taxonomic engine that provides the person trained to select from a database comprising a list of examples of factors and changes related to each other hierarchically. Based on the ideas of jobs in lateral thinking and the factors of Frederick Herzberg has been submitted to coaching to a total re-engineering process which has developed and patented a custom software application that models all changes made to religions, cultures, ages, professions …
Life Coaching, focuses on developing skills that enhance personal areas of the coach, is his love life, relational, physical and obtaining personal goals.
Executive coaching or business coaching in contrast, focuses its work on developing skills that facilitate the human resources achievement of results in the corporate sphere.