Today the situation has changed, the risk of losing their job makes employees forget their grievances. Conditions for effective work, however, some drawbacks to this decision, the office space can have a negative influence the outcome of labor. "There are quite objective reasons for which employees are in no hurry to open space: the noise, as well as the simultaneous presence of large numbers of people", – says Olga Anufrieva. According to architect-designer Maxim Nikitin, the willingness of some executives of domestic companies to save sometimes excessively. "Often in the same room are seated a large number of employees – says the expert. – At the same oblivious to the regulations providing for a certain amount of space per employee. In addition, in deciding on the application of this method of planning, are not considered particularly of experts who will work there.

" As expert notices, categorically unacceptable to place in open space staff, whose activities are connected with the creative and analytical work. "But for the call-center operators, for example, it would be a good option – believes Maxim Nikitin. – Their functions are related to the implementation of an algorithm-specific tasks, the neighborhood with his colleagues is unlikely to be an obstacle. On the contrary, will help if it is necessary to consult more experienced employee. In addition, open workspaces can support in the collective team spirit. This is especially important in divisions such as sales, marketing, etc. An employee entering the atmosphere, where the "boil" activities, become infected himself with energy and enthusiasm into operation.