Be creative and inventive: use unusual resources and new ways of working. 7. How not to lose heart? Create a system of self-motivation, which includes the following techniques: think of the rituals and use individual settings for work, daily Achieve small happy end'ov", finally ending at least a small business, make up a system of direct samonagrazhdeny "for his achievements and outstanding service." "Thieves TIME ': outside the jurisdiction and impunity in the course of the day we are often faced with the fact that someone or something to take our time. Of course, that someone can be ourselves, not wasting time on purpose (smoke breaks and tea-drinking "heaps of paper," laziness.) Here, we simply "take yourself in hand" and begin from Monday a new life. But what about the people around us who strive to disrupt our plans? This endless phone calls, unscheduled visits, foreign requests. You must first learn to recognize such cases.

Each time when communication does not meet your goals should say, "Stop stealing my time is now!". To know more about this subject visit Pinterest. Set clear rules governing your interactions with others over time and familiarize with them all. Outside of these rules of communication is excluded. Define a clear time frame: on what issues you are dealing and how much time to devote this communication. Prioritize: Decide who you need to communicate more, but with someone smaller.

Organize your communication, do not let the conversation "crawl" on foreign issues. Learn to say "NO". "By saving time is reduced, ultimately, the whole economy." These words of Karl Marx and is now very urgent. For time – Non-returnable resource, which equally belongs to each of us, from beggar to millionaire. And the success of a person depends on the effectiveness of using this resource. And yet, anyone at any age can learn organize their time. Everything you need to do – willingness to change in my life.